Simplicity at it's finest--  You don't have to buy a huge package, pay a monthly price or build your own test.  We did all the work for you and are priced very reasonable and you can select any quantity you wish.  If you want to buy one test at a time until you fill you position you can!
You can find out “on the job” if someone is qualified by hiring them and hoping they live up to their resume. However, it can take months to realize they are not qualified for the position.

Don't put your company’s reputation on the line by filling a position with someone who only looks good on paper or sounds good in an interview.


Test potential employees!

  1. With unemployment rates rising, more and more applicants are looking for work and may exaggerate (or even lie) to appear qualified for a position. Protect your business by putting their skills to the test.
  2. We have basic, advanced and professional service industry bookkeeper exams. Our online exams test applicants on their knowledge of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Banking and Accounting
    See Sample Questions.
  3. We review the results and provide you with a list of the questions the applicant missed so you have a better understanding of what the test taker didn't answer correctly.
  4. You will receive an analysis of results rather than just a percentage score. This allows you to make possible training decisions as well as hiring decisions.
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