Searching for knowledgeable, dependable bookkeeping or consulting service?

Help U Accounting, LLC is your answer. With over 30 years of accounting experience and 15 years of QuickBooks experience, we have the knowledge and understanding to handle all business or personal bookkeeping needs. YOUR NEEDS ARE NEVER TOO SMALL! Prefer to do your own books but want to make sure you are doing it correctly? Consulting Services in simple, basic language. Just need someone to do payroll, quarterly reports and/or bank reconciliations?  We can also guide you in selecting the right QuickBooks product for your company.



Can't find a bookkeeper to work just a few hours per week? Specializing in secure remote bookkeeping at a very affordable price you don't need to supply a computer, office, phone or any equpiment. By providing this service to you as a subcontractor you save on payroll taxes and employee benefits too.


Need help setting up your office files and organizing to be as efficient as possible? With years of office management experience we can save you time and frustration setting up operating procedure and a file system the makes sense.


Need help with a current bookkeeper or hiring a new bookkeeper? We offer an online assement testing service for quickbooks and can follow up those results with training to improve current or potential bookkeepers weaknesses. Services Provided: We provide a variety of services including bookkeeping, consulting and training. We offer a bookkeeping skills testing service also and can provide training to help improve your bookkeepers knowledge.

Other services: Office setup that makes sense and tricks of the trade to make your daily bookkeeping tasks much simpler and organized. Fees: Vary by service provided. Flat project fee and hourly fees are available depending on your needs. Rates are discounted for services that can be done remotely. Please call for a quote. 480-209-3749

Disclaimer: Help U Accounting, LLC reserves the right to deny services to anyone without cause.

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